Fast Facts

Below shows a sharp contrast between candidate John Strough and his opponent.

You are doing the hiring for this job. Do you wish to hire a knowledgeable/experienced Town administrator or a politician? See Full resume on resume page. Please vote for John Strough
John Strough Has:
  • 17 years of municipal EXPERIENCE
  • Promoted RESPONSIBLE fiscal policies
  • LOWERED the town tax rate
  • Received the BEST fiscal health rating from NYS Comptroller’s Office
  • IMPLEMENTED government efficiencies and outsourcing
  • Redesigned zoning to encourage APPROPRIATE commercial development
  • NOT run a disinformation campaign against opponent
  • Been respectful and ATTENTIVE during meetings – NOT texting
  • Conducted meetings in a PROFESSIONAL manner
  • KNOWS what jobs need to be done and KNOWS how to get those jobs done
  • Demonstrated an ability to work with ALL political political parties and alliances
  • Developed an extremely OPEN and transparent government
  • WORKED 50-hour weeks and weekends for you – few vacations
  • Used his personal vehicle and phone – NEVER sought reimbursement
  • Shown a steadfast COMMITMENT to our local community
  • ALWAYS been honest and sincere in the conduct of his behavior
  • Hundreds of hours of EDUCATION in municipal administration, law, and community planning
  • A SELF-FUNDED campaign and is not taking money from special interest groups
  • Numerous ACCOMPLISHMENTS that have made our community a better place
  • Deep INVOLVEMENT in community
  • Promoted and SUPPORTED local arts, heritage and social-help organizations